Senate Republicans to Governor Newsom: California Needs Fiscal Responsibility

Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones (R-San Diego) and Vice Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, Senator Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks) offered their reaction to Governor Newsom’s 2024-2025 budget proposal: 

“Today the governor had his usual surplus of words to weave his way through a deficit of dollars,” said Senator Niello. “I’m glad that he listened to our warnings to take early action, but he could have heeded warnings and taken more caution last year. The question will be whether the governor’s lower deficit number or the nonpartisan estimate is accurate.”

“Welcome to year six of ‘Gavinomics’ where his budgets turn surpluses into deficits and his policies push Californians to flee,” said Leader Jones. “As the governor pulls revenue gimmicks and accounting tricks, it’s impossible to bury the truth: California is bleeding because of a decade of Democrats’ one-party rule and reckless spending. For years, Senate Republicans’ call for fiscal responsibility fell on deaf ears meanwhile spending more than doubled. Still, we stand ready to work towards a balanced budget that helps, not hinders Californians.”