Senate Republican Budget Vice Chair Roger Niello Responds to Governor's 2023-2024 May Revise

Senator Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks), Vice Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, released the following statement in response to Governor Newsom’s 2023-2024 $306 billion state budget which he released today during his May Revise announcement: 

“Governor Newsom pointed out numerous economic uncertainties, but he is still assuming no recession. Senate Republicans hope he is right, but we are concerned that his crystal ball may be cloudy. 

“We would recommend that the state take a more sustainable path on spending, and reduce the desire to borrow during this time of high and increasing interest rates. 

“We applaud the governor’s restraint in not depleting the reserves, but would offer quite a different set of priorities to meet the needs of the state. Our caucus looks forward to the opportunity to work with the governor and legislative colleagues on a sustainable budget plan.”