Senate Budget Vice Chair Responds to the Senate Democrats’ Budget Plan

The Senate pro Tem and Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee released their 2023 budget plan titled, “Protect Our Progress.” The 38-page document appears to be a trial balloon for their approach to addressing the growing economic challenges facing the state.

Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Vice Chair Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks) has prepared an analysis of past budget trends as well as the priorities Republicans would like to see reflected in the state budget spending proposal.

Niello stated, “My Democratic colleagues have laid out a budget proposal that doesn’t account for the uncertainty of our economy and ignores the lessons of past economic downturns. While I respect their effort to face the current economic challenges all on their own, it would be helpful to invite Republican members to be part of the planning and problem-solving process.” He continued, “Republican Senators stand ready to work with our legislative colleagues to craft a responsible budget that addresses the needs of Californians.”

Furthermore, Senator Niello’s commentary that was published in CalMatters last Friday illustrates the flaws of the Senate Democrats’ current budget plan and lists the priorities that would positively impact all Californians.