SB 316 – Prevent Serial Theft


Summary: Would charge a serial thief with a felony if they have three or more prior theft-related convictions and are convicted again of a theft-related offense. If passed, this would have to go back to voters for approval on 2024 ballot.

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Article: SB 316: CA committee kills proposal to increase serial shoplifting penalty (Citrus Heights Sentinel, April 1, 2023)

Video: Senator Niello Presents SB 316 in the Senate Public Safety Committee (March 28, 2023)

Press Release: Bill to Prevent Serial Theft to be Heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee (March 27, 2023)

Article: Shoplifting: Citrus Heights council votes 4-1 to support SB 316 (Citrus Heights Sentinel, March 27, 2023)